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Uncover the fundamental principles of intelligence, change the world by innovations


Moqi was founded under the belief that true AI innovations come from breakthroughs of the very fundamental level. Our mission is to uncover the fundamental principles of intelligence. We believe that AI devised in this way will ultimately soar past un-enhanced human thinking. The purpose of this endeavor is not to displace us but to amplify our cognitive abilities and ultimately expand the reach of what is already a human-machine civilization.

This is surely a long-term goal, but our world-class researchers and engineers are making exciting progress.

By implementing our research in the application of fingerprint recognition, we were able to create the world's first fully automated large-scale fingerprint identification system, matching complex low-quality fingerprints against billion-scale fingerprint database in real time. We are excited that the system has helped the police solve thousands of crimes that were unsolved in the past, making our society safer.

For us, the progress we've made is a successful experiment demonstrating that we can perform precise image search at a reasonably large scale, at least for a special kind of images. As the next step, we are generalizing the efforts to solving large scale visual signal processing in less restrictive scenarios. If we succeed, the way people find and process visual information will be fundamentally changed.

Moqi History

Moqi History

Initial Team

Cheng Tai
CEO & Co-founder
Ph.D. | Princeton U
Linpeng Tang
CTO & Co-founder
Ph.D. | Princeton U
Weinan E
Ph.D. | Professor in Princeton U | Member of CAS
Kai Li
Board Member
Ph.D. | Professor in Princeton U | Member of NAE
Qin Liu
Senior Software Engineer
Ph.D. | Chinese U Hong Kong
Qingdi Zhang
Senior Software Engineer
M.S. | U Penn