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Fingerprints Upgraded

  • Faster: Search for match in 2 billion prints within seconds
  • More secure: Unique Biometrics that lasts
  • Cheaper: Better algorithm enables mass use


Safe, Secure, Convenient

Faster & Accurate Fingerprint Comparison

Quickly match fingerprint for identification of > 2 billion population

Flexible deployment model

Supports cloud as well as on-premise deployment for easy integration

Multiple access points

Non-contact scanner, Phone App, 3rd party scanners can all be integrated


Easily work with different scanners with varying fingerprint qualities

Partnership Program

With its industry-leading, fast and accurate fingerprint identification system, FingerID provides fingerprint identification API interfaces and customized services for various types of fingerprint scanner equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and solution providers. We enable our partners with the "finger ID" capability and build safer and more secure applications.

FingerID will provide partners with comprehensive resources and support to ensure joint success

Building Large Scale Fingerprint Databases or Centers
Product/Solution Integration & Deployment
Training and Certification
Joint Marketing & sales support
Join Us, and give your customers the peace of mind, the freedom of FingerID